Coronado Girls Rugby Players

Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Our High School Girls Team has gone to the playoffs all three years of their existence and won the division title two out of three.  The team went undefeated last year beating every team in the San Diego area.  

Our Rugby Women are exceptional as people as well as players.  They are good because they play inspired and they are dedicated to helping each other.  

Our coaches are also exceptional.  They make sure the players are prepared using a graduated process for player development.  None of our players step onto the field without first knowing how to properly tackle and run with the ball.  The Sisterhood is good and fun. 

Coronado Girls Legacy Video

How a few bold young women started our rugby program.

Level-1 Safe & Effective Tackle Video

Safe & Effective Level-1 Tackle Test.   Everyone learns how to do a safe tackle and this is the test to prove that you can place your head in a safe position while tackling.   

Leadership Through Rugby


Blue vs Red Head

 Red Head is the negative state, when you are heated, overwhelmed, tense and not in complete control of your actions. Your emotional engine is smoking, your perceptions are slow, the game feels too fast, and your decision making is rushed. 

 Blue Head, on the other hand, is the precise opposite: the cool, controlled, pattern seeing state, when you retain your awareness and your decision making power, when you stay flexible and deliver top performance.
The key is doing three things:
1) seek to stay in Blue Head as your default setting
2) sense cues when you are entering Red Head mode
3) use a physical or mental trigger to get yourself back into Blue Head. 

Coronado Rugby Four Player Types


Superstar Players The Superstars are the remarkable players we all love the ones who “do the right thing” always maintaining a “Blue Head” with above average skills. They work hard both on and off of the field, play in a manner that supports the players around them while leading the team through challenging moments and moments of great accomplishment.

The Up and comers They play with heart and they are constantly working to improve themselves. They generally do things the right way but whose skills need further maturation or enhancement. They are supportive of other players and with training, time, and support, these players will become our future Superstars.

Zombie Players The Zombies fail on both counts.  Their behavior doesn’t align with supporting their fellow teammates and their performance is mediocre. They are the proverbial dead wood. But their ability to inflict harm is mitigated by their lack of commitment. On a team with only 12-14 players their lack of effort steadily infects others causing resentment and anger. We work with these players helping them become a productive part of the team.

Vampire Players The Vampires are the real threat. These players perform well but in a manner that is against our team culture with little regard for their fellow teammates. Vampires are hypercritical and have trouble maintaining a “Blue Head.” Because they have great potential as athletes or players, they instantly acquire power and influence. But over time they will acquire zombie player followers who begin to share a different set of values and lose their desire to better themselves or their team.  Without intervention, soon there’s a small army of vampires and zombies attacking the Superstars, Up and Comers and leaders who are trying to better themselves and those around them.